There are these moments, where you fall in love with a piece of clothing that is everything you have been looking for. But when you take a closer look you realise, it is not a perfect fit after all. Exactly these moments were what inspired me to create my own fashion line. Because who wouldn't want to be the designer of his own wardrobe? Together with my family, I made my dream reality and with time this idea that seemed absolutely crazy, became a real project. I wanted the collection to represent me, my style and everything i love. Boho, gypsy, feminine, floral and mature at the same time - especially colors, patterns and cut were important to me in the design process. I was inspired by people I met during my travels as well as all of the diverse and vibrant styles and cultures this world has to offer. I am incredibly proud to be taking this step with all my beloved ones and hope you all love this collection as much as I do!

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